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Poet-- Where I Am From

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

I am from the frog pond.

From Chicken Divan and grandma’s meatballs.

From apple trees and hay bales.

I am from the tire swing.

From Pampered Chef and Frito Lay.

I am from the old house on the hill

White, haunted, peeling, standing tall, and alone.

I am from Ellis Island,

Eleven proud letters consolidated in the machine.

Welcome to the American Dream.

I am from Canada.

From Toronto’s children’s hospital,

a faceless mother giving up her son,

From Severed roots to Williams as far as history can see.

Welcome to the American dream.

I am from Salty California air and Psalty the singing song book.

From the donut man, kids praise, and Maranatha music.

I am from the Jesus Movement.

From the outlined dove and Hawaiian shirts.

I am from the Fresh Coast

From “God Will Provide”

from Acquire the Fire, Fire Up, See you at the pole, Teen Mania ministries, power of one, Pastor’s conferences, and bible college.

I am from “singing praises to J-E-S-U-S, our savior” loud from the frog pond.

And the tire swing.

And hay bales.

And apple trees.

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