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Trauma Informed Narrative Coaching

None of us read our own story well. We need the kind eyes of others to help us see honestly and to name what is true.

As an honored guest in this space of story and coaching, together we will name the parts of your story that are honest and true. We will uncover areas for growth and find opportunities for wholeness and healing. Healing happens in the context of relationship and together we will together find the goodness your heart has longed for. 

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Trauma Informed Coaching
is for those who:​

  • Desire better understanding

  • Are ready to move forward in trauma and grief

  • Want to feel better

  • Need clarity in memories and childhood experiences

  • Desire to heal from past suffering

  • Long for full and honest relationships with those around them

  • Want to be encouraged and challenged to grow

  • Long to become more integrated and whole

  • Desire freedom from patterns and habits

  • Want to identify the places those patterns and habits began

  • Need a safe space to experience, feel, and name their emotions

  • Want to understand how mind, body, spirit, and emotions connect

  • Yearn to tell their story and find hope

Story Work & Enneagram Coaching is not therapy but can work well alongside therapy with your therapists discretion 

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Complete Coaching 

Full, cohesive goal oriented coaching and healing. After a focus session of hopes for goals and healing this 10 week session commitment caters to your specific needs. There is an option to  use guided paths such as Enneagram or Dan Allender's Healing the Wounded Heart, To Be Told, or Marriage guided courses, depending on your specific desires for healing.

I will be your committed and honored guide as we walk a path of wholeness together.

Single Session

A singular one-time session. This session is ideal for a person unsure of where they would like to go with their story for healing, an individual who is in need of guidance or understanding, or for those who are testing the deep-waters of story work coaching. 

Story Groups

We heal in the context of relationship. Having another to bear witness to your story allows for the kind pursuit of others to name what is true in our lives, when many times we have not been able to name it ourselves. 

Story groups allow for collective honoring and healing. 




Please email me directy for upcoming Story Group options

Coaching Options

*Sliding scale options available. Please contact Grace directly for income based pricing.

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