Trauma Informed Story & Enneagram Coach.


Midwife Of Care.



Trauma Informed Story and Enneagram Coaching is for those who:

  • Desire better understanding

  • Need clarity in memories and childhood experiences

  • Have experienced trauma

  • Want to feel better

  • Desire to heal from past suffering

  • Long for full and honest relationships with those around them

  • Want to be encouraged and challenged to grow

  • Long to become more integrated and whole

  • Desire freedom from patterns and habits

  • Want to identify the places those patterns and habits began

  • Need a safe space to experience, feel, and name their emotions

  • Want to understand how mind, body, spirit, and emotions connect

  • Yearn to tell their story and find hope.

If any of these sound like something you desire, book a 15 minute consultation below and let's talk how Story and Enneagram Coaching can help you discover your story and find healing!



I am a leader birthed in the silent fires of the purity movement and the height of evangelical conferences and mission trips. In the Northwoods on the land of the Anishinaabe, I have attended, cared for, and witnessed the birthing of rich and deep stories, weighing into the long laborious heights of birth—metaphorically in the form of formal ministry as well as owning a coffee shop/music venue, but also very literally in assisting our midwife at multiple births.


To hold another's hand and offer care to countless new parents, bearing witness to the treacherous birthing of relentless heartache and unspeakable joys is an honor I hold close in both my physical body and soul. I have found tender threads of passion and purpose within me that have always existed. Through story, poetry, and healing care I have unlocked  glimpses of the hope of goodness. Goodness that comes in the deep, laborious places of our souls greatest heartaches and hope


It is my great hope to join you in the aching, the care, and the glory of midwifing your story using enneagram, trauma-informed narrative work, and a good attentive ear.